Innovative Technology

Huabao Electronics building intercom products, with its distinctive features, continue to develop and refresh the intelligent building intercom fields. Enterprise has long been developed, created DX-40 has a common wire intelligent Warburg visual style, non-visual intercom system and single-zone, two zones, four-zone and multi-zone, set the visitors intercom, networking multiparty call, alarm, information dissemination, dynamic hard disk recording, still image capture visitor intelligence community and other integrated management system; networking community to visitors intercom, alarm function, information dissemination as the main residential LAN access control, parking card and smart home, supplemented by a comprehensive multi-functional intelligent community service system and other three categories, more than a dozen series, hundreds of kinds of products, all to meet the medium-sized cities as well, the city and county of different market needs.

Huabao Electronics building intercom products, with its many styles; the whole category; high and low temperature, waterproof, dustproof performance; stable; gifted cheaper prices; services in place and other characteristics, praised by customers for its microcomputer system timing dynamic automatic fault detection; voice guidance to operate; all intelligent voice prompts fault area networking system (with cable signal balance transfers or fiber networking networking large cell), loved by customers. But also to "infinitely close to customer demand" product development philosophy, to solve problems, design, and development of new products, new features to meet customer requirements in the strong technical capabilities and national business two decades of "customer service," the spirit to win the trust service to the people.




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