System Introduction
DX-40ZQ (n + 1) Straight by (voice) tier intelligent intercom system
DX-40ZQ (n + 1) directly by intelligent building intercom system, I plant in 2001 in some areas according to customers, accustomed to the traditional sub wire (n + 3), (n + 4) installation mode, and in the DX-40Z-wire straight by intelligent intercom system, based on the implementation of the software and hardware improvements derived a new product, it retains all the performance and functionality of the original system, without having to install floors in multi-storey buildings decoder structure, so ease of installation of traditional technology.
Functions and Features
First, the host built-in circuit function
(1) 1-24 motherboard built-in household circuit extension decoding support (8 floors, a / layer), (8 layer 2 / layer), (8 layer 3 / layer), (6 layers, 4 indoor / layer) floor structure.
(2) motherboard built-in extension communication line short circuit fault detection timing (detection once every five seconds), and short circuit protection circuit isolation.
(3) short-circuit fault motherboard built-in logic analysis, key operation, logic and voice broadcast circuit.
(4) Built-in video intercom control circuit board, ready for customers to upgrade non-visual host visual host with ease.
(5) conversion circuit board built-in lock, the system supports the power lock or unlock the power of two different electric locks.
(6) The motherboard has a button to confirm the sound and extension ring back tones, host microphone, voice volume adjustment function by the host.
Second, cabling and wiring systems
(1) access to all households by the host bus station selection (n + 1) multi-core sheathed cable (n = number of households), such as: 12 non-visual system is the choice of 13-core sheathed cable.
(2) when the host (8 layers, a / layer), the layers of the extension "address line" connected to the corresponding "103-803" on each end.
(3) When the host (8 layer 2 / layer), the layers of the extension "address line" connected to the corresponding "101-801" and "103-803" on each end.
(4) When the host (8 layers, 3 / layer), the layers extension "address lines" connected to the corresponding "101-801" "102-802" and "103-803" at each end (6 layers , 4 / layer "address line" wiring otherwise stated).
  Note: When the whole system is a visual extension, the need to install a SP-4 type video amplifier video output on the host bus in order to improve the video image quality.
System components and configuration
Cabling schematic diagram



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