System Introduction
DX-40 TCP / IP network digital intelligent community networking system
DX-40 TCP / IP network-based intelligent digital color video intercom system, is the use of TCP / IP network protocol fiber cable transmission, network architecture, three-switched network (LAN) transmission technology, high-speed network interfaces, the system has a high-speed , reliability, stability, and ensure the smooth flow of communication signals.
Functions and Features
(1) The whole digital system architecture, international TCP / IP standard system design, with powerful scalability.
(2) to the home network, you can own network cabling, also compatible with the telecommunications network, residential other networks, eliminating the trouble of wiring.
(3). The digital system is suitable for the general community, large or very large area of the intercom system and integrated service system.
(4) the choice of the door host all-digital high-definition color LCD, touch-sensitive button operation.
(5) The host that is the usual call, intercom, password lock, access control lock function, some visitors to image capture, Guestbook, graphic advertising, elevator linkage control and other functions.
(6) the choice of interior color visual extension of digital high-definition LCD screen, full Chinese menu, touch-screen interface, that is the host and visitor entrance intercom, electric locks open; and the wall, computer management center two-way intercom call; there household dial calls, read queries visitor image, Guestbook, community information, and intelligent home extensions.
(7) Networking Computer Management Center data can be automatically backed up on a regular basis, also random manual backup, online support system diagnostics and upgrades. After some switches off the network, the extension of the security alarm is still online store can be found after a complex network.
(8). The system supports multi-channel simultaneous calls intercom system in any state shall not affect the security alarm to the central station. Management Center computer alarm recording and alarm processing window.
System components and configuration
Cabling schematic diagram



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