System Introduction
DX-40G / T-2 type multiparty call, single-zone (voice) Intelligent Community Networking System
DX-40G / T-2 type multiparty call, single-zone (voice) Intelligent Community networking systems based on multiparty calls based functional area networking system property management services. Single Zone Alarm is an upgraded version of networked multi-party call, namely the increase in households with 1-5 "panic button" or 1-2 "gas probe" to form a management center to call for help, but also alert to the management center (emergency alarm or gas leak alarm) for help single-zone alarm system, it can be upgraded in the whole unified community, but also to upgrade the cell of a household alone, to provide the most flexible, most convenient and most economical intelligence community networking system .
Functions and Features
(1) Each cell configuration of a central management unit, the maximum capacity of 1-2 units can be connected to district deputy manager, 1-8 sets of cell doors wall unit, door host connections are 2,000 units (250, each of them 8 unit) or 512 small villa door.
(2) the central management unit can be used with either a management unit cell, the cell door machine, household extension two-way intercom call.
(3) the central management unit can receive cell calls either a wall unit, and any extension of the single-zone interior and to talk to the police.
(4) central management unit can proactively monitor each unit cell door machine door image, also its open electronically controlled lock.
(5) center management and computer connections are, can achieve community information publishing, recording and printing unit in front of the hard disk to store information.
(6) center management machine no matter what state (ringing, call or monitoring) shall not affect the cycle storage: Received, Missed call signal extension; has been received, an extension of the alarm signal is not received, all 250 of information storage capabilities.
(7) There is a regular host cell door automatic retrieval failure procedures, timely detect short-circuit fault of the unit any extension of short circuit between the bus and the system, and timely given fault symbol is displayed, and Chinese voice prompts, while The fault isolation unit extension to ensure that all households other extensions normal use. Bus short circuit cut off this unit is connected to other units of the signal, and thus ensure that the entire network system to work is not affected.
(8) Each household unit door machine has a yard, arbitrarily set to change the password lock function independently, can also configure the IC / ID card access lock or unlock function wireless remote control.
(9) units and garden door machine door machine, can achieve much the same corridor entrance into the video, unlock conversion.
(10) are the second-tier system of non-visual extension into the household, regardless of polarity wiring, open circuit, short circuit, door host have voice prompts.
(11) each unit door machine control functions can be added stair lights, and indoor extension ladder consisting of a light control system.
(12) system networking distances greater than 600 m optical fiber transmission, less than 600 meters (outdoor) transmission network lines, improve the system of lightning, interference resistance, greatly reducing costs and construction costs wire networking.
System components and configuration
Cabling schematic diagram



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