System Introduction
DX-40 (IV) GT multi-zone (voice) Intelligent Community of the network cable networking systems
DX-40 (IV) GT Intelligent Community integrated system management services, is set visitors intercom unit, residential multi-party call, the 4-8 zone alarm, information dissemination, visitors still image capture, in front of the unit and other multi-computer dynamic DVR in one of the district management system. It focuses our factory DX-40 (I) GT district a type, DX-40 (II) G / T-cell II, DX-40 (III) GT district III, DX-40G / T-2 multi-party call type excellent Features four-cell system, strengthen the voice system intelligent detection function, short-circuit fault broadcast feature, power waiting tone electric function, system inspection, fault isolation protection, and information dissemination, visitors to the image capture function is a network-wide area networking cable systems.
Functions and Features
(1). The system includes DX-40G / T-2 type multiparty call area networking system fully functional.
(2) can be connected to a ~ 8 cell door wall unit, active call management console and user extensions, and its video intercom.
(3) The system can be connected to a maximum capacity of 250, each of them 8 units, a total of 2,000 units host cell door.
(4) The system can be connected to a maximum capacity of 512 villas door machine.
(5) Computer Management Office to publish public information or information for single-family households visual extension through networking systems.
(6) The management host can call any household extension within the district, its duplex intercom.
(7) The management host can take the initiative to call any cell door machine and its duplex intercom (Intercom), can also open its electric locks, but also actively monitors each cell door in front of the CCD image plane, if the computer connections are, but also its dynamic DVR.
(8) The management host can receive either an extension of the call, and the cycle store 250 has been received, missed call signal.
(9) The management host can receive any of the 1-8 zone alarm signal extension of a household, and accompanied by sirens tips, and while cycling store more than 250 have been processed untreated zone alarm recording.
(10) door machine can call this unit household extension, also hosts call center management and its duplex intercom (Intercom), requires its open electronically controlled lock.
(11). Color image capture device can automatically capture for residents, visitors and store images, headed provide visitors and visiting time inquiry service after returning home.
(12). This system has one yard per household each extension arbitrarily set, change the password lock function can also configure the IC / ID card access lock or unlock function wireless remote control.
(13) There is a regular host cell door automatic retrieval failure procedures, timely detect short-circuit fault of the unit any extension of short circuit between the bus and the system, and timely given fault symbol is displayed, and Chinese voice prompts, while isolating this unit failure extension to ensure that all households other extensions normal use. Bus short circuit cut off this unit is connected to other units of the signal, and thus ensure that the entire network system to work is not affected.
(14) Each unit vertical line systems, extension into the family line (audio, video, power) to take UTP (indoor type) signal transmission cable, zone type Gabe need a RVV2x0.5mm sheathed cable, power supply capacity increase probe ; when the distance is more than 600 m area networking optical fiber transmission, less than 600 meters with a network cable (outdoor) transmission, improve the system of lightning, interference resistance, greatly reducing costs and construction costs wire networking.
System components and configuration
Cabling schematic diagram



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