System Introduction
DX-40-2 (n + 2) type common non-visual intercom system by straight
DX-40-2-type building intercom system is factory original in 2007, re-introduced to the community in general economic straight by non-visual intercom innovative products. System to take (n + 2) vertical wiring bus, three-wire extension into the family; the spirit of reliable, safe operation, sound design principles of economic, Department of affordable housing in our country, security and reconstruction of old buildings and the old town to get a new machine market demand the introduction of a cheap, cost-effective, highly competitive visitors intercom system. This product is available in the not-for-line, the next line without conditions, replacing the common market (N + 3), (N + 4) multi-line system of the old equipment.
Functions and Features
(1). (N + 2) vertical wiring, (ie two core "public line", plus a core household "address line").
(2) three-wire extension into the family, music, ring tones and unique power-off waiting function, long life.
(3). "Common" and the extension into the family line short circuit, have lights instructions, while a host short-circuit protection.
(4) The host has 1 2V reverse polarity protection circuit power lines, power lines reversed, it will not damage the host.
(5). Motherboard built unlocking conversion circuit, the power to support two different power lock or unlock electric lock.
(6) motherboard features a high-voltage, high-power spark unlock circuits, and electronically controlled lock function enables unlock more reliable protection.
(7) should be the customer needs, additional ID / IC card access lock or unlock function wireless remote control.
System components and configuration
Cabling schematic diagram



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